Monday, June 04, 2007

Mmmmmmm Ice Cream

On heavy rotation this week is the funky, retro, fun, and almost Asian-sounding New Young Pony Club's Ice Cream (I can't explain the Asian-sounding part, maybe I've just watched my fair share of late night HBO specials). NYPC is a London-based group that's really coming strong with this catchy as hell song. Download it and it'll make you want more. Trust me. Their second single is The Bomb, a good song, but no Ice Cream and that's for damn sure. You can get the song here:

New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream (zSHARE link)

The video for Ice Cream is funky too. Enjoy.

And it's great to be back in Burbank, Johnny.

In a way, this turned me on.

What would make this makeout scene with Will Ferrell and Sascha Baron Cohen any better? Add a dash of me to the recipe and it's complete.

Of course we've seen them lock lips before, courtesy of Talladega Nights, but there's something about seeing these 2 out of character just go at it, complete with rolling around on the ground together.

For those that missed this, it happened last night at the MTV Movie Awards. You can watch the video on MTV Overdrive. Trust me, it's worth it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm hoping we can make up...

Dear internet,
I know I haven't been the perfect blogger, but I want to change. I mean it. I hope you'll forgive me. Look. I bought you flowers. Let's give it another try. Okay?

To my other reader(s), if you're still out there, I'm also really really sorry. I tend to disappear sometimes. I would have bought you flowers too but I kinda ran out of money. Next time though.

Looking forward to our future together,

Monday, March 26, 2007

America! You're ON NOTICE!

For those familiar with the most awesome Colbert Report, you'll recognize the On Notice board. And here's my On Notice...some of these are interchangeable, SOME, James Blunt and the Scientist Who Killed Pluto will always be on there! you go.

Here's a link to make your very own On Notice board. Why? Because I care and I want to see what you think should be on notice so we can fight about it.

Colbert Report's On Notice

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oh my!

From Bizarroland comes this very special song by a very special lady(?), her name is Kelly and don't mess with her, Betch! I don't even want to try to describe words can do this no justice. Enjoy!

But wait! There's more! You can download the mp3 below.

Kelly - Shoes

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Can I borrow your guys's glowsticks? (in my best Napoleon voice)

I'm headed to Ultra Music Festival this weekend! That's right! Me and thousands of my closest tweaker friends are heading out for the festivities. Should be a zany good time! The lineup's pretty good...I'm really in it for FatBoy Slim, everyone else is kind of a bonus.

The lineup...check it!

This should be quite the anti-Langerado in which I just attended last week with the likes of My Morning Jacket, The Disco Biscuits, O.A.R., and pretty much any other jam band you could name. Don't get me wrong, Langerado was great and my partner in crime wanted to stay all night and do the hippy-hippy shake with the rest of them.

From one festival to the next, wish you were here!

I guess you've figure out...

I have the tendency to disappear. If you come back (semi)regularly to check my blog and see what's new, I'm offering my most lukewarm apologies. Yeah, I've been busy but so what, there also hasn't been anything that great to write about. I'm gonna flip it...ready?...I'm actually "saving" you by not making you read my nonsense. Okay, everything I write is nonsense but I really really mean nonsense. Are we friends? Great! I'd to think something as trivial as this could ruin our bulletproof friendship.

Now on to some stuff...

I've blogged about her before!
She's the best thing to come out of the U.K. in years!
She's saucy!
She's sassy!
She smiles when boys cry!
She's Lily Allen!

And I had the great pleasure to catch her live on Tuesday. What a show! As I watched her belt out my favorite tunes I was completed infatuated with her ability to sing a song with a cigarette in one hand, hitting notes that no smoker should hit, and then take shots of jager on-stage in between songs. My kind of gal. She's still got a few more U.S. cities to hit so try to check her out. Trust me, you'll thank me.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Throw some D's on that b&tc%!

And I'm not talking about a cadillac.

Remember an earlier post I did about Kanye losing his damn mind? Well, I've got another Kanye special for you...if George Bush doesn't care about black people then Kanye doesn't care about women. And I'm not all Lilith Fair about women, I just can't get over people like Kanye using fame to just stir up shit.

And you're probably saying, "well then why are you putting it on here?" Hellloooo let's hate him's much more fun when it's a group project.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It took The Office to make SNL good...

In case you missed it, Reign Wilson aka Dwight Shrute, hosted SNL this past Saturday and took part in one of the funniest monologues I have seen in years. It looked and felt like NBC's younger, hipper, funnier show...The Office. For those still not on The Office bandwagon, what paper trail are you following (haha get it? I said paper trail. Because they're a paper company. Haha. Anyways.)? Seriously, get on it! Here's the link to the monologue!

And now we'll come back full circle when The Office gave credit where credit is due with their own rendition of SNL's Lazy Sunday, with Lazy Scranton. Sor for those who can proudly wear their Dunder Mifflin t-shirts, I thought you would enjoy seeing this gem again. SCRANTON! WHAT? THE ELECTRIC CITY!